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Polygamy site Returns!

News comes fast here folks.  I stepped away for a few hours and I missed it.  The site has found a new home at  It looks a bit prettier than before as opposed to the stock BYU pages.  Thanks to Chino who posted this in the story below about the site being taken down.  More news to follow later.  If you are just surfing in check out this post here.  Be sure to read comments as well.


Polygamy website gets shut down!

Recently a BYU professor hosted a website providing links and easy to find information from LDS church history on the subject of polygamy at the BYU website  In it you could ask such questions as “Did Joseph Smith marry young girls?” or “What do current Church leaders say about Polygamy”  You could find all you wanted to know and very concise answers to your questions.  It was published at the end of January.  The site was then posted on By Common Consent  a popular LDS blog by linking to it on a sideblog on Saturday Feb 3rd. 

Monday afternoon Feb 5th it was pulled from the BYU site with no real explanation.  The Salt Lake Tribune published this article today that goes into some detail about the removal of the website.  I was able to save the content of the site if anyone is interested I can e-mail it to you or you can do a search and view the cached pages from google windows live, whatever you choose. 

It is difficult to find unbiased information on hot topics such as polygamy and Mormons.  It pushes buttons and makes some uncomfortable.  This website was a great source for historical information that clarifies many issues.  There are many sites such as the apologetic FAIRlds and others that provide some information.  But an easy to search directory had not been implemented until was launched.  But as quickly as it came it went.

 It will be interesting to follow as more information arises.  I would not be surprised to see the proprietors of the to reopen elsewhere in the next few days.  Keep posted.

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