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What is your Favorite Film?

With the Oscars coming up I thought I would start a discussion as to what you think is deserving of the Best Picture Award.  I also want to hear your vote for Best film of all time.  I will leave the thread open until day of Oscars and will calculate which films are the winners.  If you are not sure of the nominees here they are in no particular order.

  1. Babel
  2. The Departed Letters
  3. From Iwo Jima
  4. Little Miss Sunshine
  5. The Queen

Post your reply in two parts…

  • Best Picture (This Year)
  • Best Picture (of all time) 

Long Live the Blog! Is Traditional media dead?

Interesting.  Most of my last posts all have death or dead in them.  This is something I thought about today.  Is traditional media dead?  Probably not yet, but soon.  If the majority of people who don’t yet blog (GASP) knew that the traditional media has people monitoring blogs for breaking news they would soon find out the truth.  BLOGS spread quicker than traditional media. 

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