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As some of you know the listing for top 25 fattest and thin cities was released by Men’s Fitness magazine.  Las Vegas topped the list.  Albuquerque is on the top of the Fitness Pile.  It is no wonder Vegas took the Honors with all of its Buffets and Lack of exercise everyone is obsessed with mainly 1 thing… $$$$$$$

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Long Live the Blog! Is Traditional media dead?

Interesting.  Most of my last posts all have death or dead in them.  This is something I thought about today.  Is traditional media dead?  Probably not yet, but soon.  If the majority of people who don’t yet blog (GASP) knew that the traditional media has people monitoring blogs for breaking news they would soon find out the truth.  BLOGS spread quicker than traditional media. 

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Anna Nicole Smith is Dead…

This is not the kind of thing I would normally write about, but none the less here it is.  Anna Nicole Smith is dead, says her Lawyer Howard K. Stern.  The story is reported by FOX News HERE.  In september of last year her 20 year old son died suddenly in the hospital just 3 days after Anna had given birth to her newest son. 

Smith was found unresponsive this afternoon in her hotel room at the Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida just after 2 pm EST.

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