As some of you know the listing for top 25 fattest and thin cities was released by Men’s Fitness magazine.  Las Vegas topped the list.  Albuquerque is on the top of the Fitness Pile.  It is no wonder Vegas took the Honors with all of its Buffets and Lack of exercise everyone is obsessed with mainly 1 thing… $$$$$$$


Don’t get me wrong I have family that lives there.  But on a recent visit all we did was eat out at restaurants.  By the end of my visit I had enough eating out that I would be happy not visiting a restaurant for at least 2 months.  Not that the establishments were bad there were just a lot of them. 

Combine all the restaurants with a sedentary gambling life and what do you get?  A city that tops the list. 

Take a look at the list and realize the result are determined based on junk food availability Restaurant vs Gym ration.  Bike paths, city endorsed programs on fitness amongst other factors.

How do you rate?  What is your fitness level?  Mine?  Let’s just say I live next Mesa, Arizona #4 on the list of fattest cities.  My goal is to become more healthy this year.  Measured not only in inches and pounds, but in how I feel.

 How do you feel?

  Top 25 Fittest  
  2007 Ranking     Last year  
  1. Albuquerque, N.M.     13  
  2. Seattle     8  
  3. Colorado Springs, Colo.     6  
  4. Minneapolis     21  
  5. Tucson, AZ     4  
  6. Denver     20  
  7. San Francisco     7  
  8. Baltimore     1  
  9. Portland, Ore.     17  
  10. Honolulu     2  
  11. Washington, D.C.     18  
  12. Omaha, Neb.     25  
  13. Tulsa, Ok.     14  
  14. Boston     10  
  15. Virginia Beach, Va.     3  
  16. Milwaukee     5  
  17. Sacramento     11  
  18. Louisville-Jefferson, Ky.     9  
  19. Columbus, Oh.     16*  
  20. Philadelphia     23*  
  21. Austin, Tx.     13  
  22. Nashville-Davidson     12  
  23. Charlotte     20*  
  24. Atlanta     16  
  25. Oakland, Ca.     19  
  *Ranking in the top 25 fittest cities in 2006  
  Top 25 Fattest  
  2007 Ranking     Last year  
  1. Las Vegas     2  
  2. San Antonio     12  
  3. Miami     14  
  4. Mesa, Ariz.     10  
  5. Los Angeles     3  
  6. Houston     5  
  7. Dallas     4  
  8. El Paso     8  
  9. Detroit     15  
  10. San Jose     24  
  11. Long Beach     7  
  12. Memphis     6  
  13. Chicago     1  
  14. Arlington, Tx.     22*  
  15. Oklahoma City     17  
  16. Indianapolis     11  
  17. Fort Worth     13  
  18. New York     25  
  19. Fresno, Ca.     22  
  20. Wichita, Ks.     19  
  21. San Diego     21  
  22. Phoenix     15*  
  23. Jacksonville, Fl.     24*  
  24. Kansas City     9  
  25. Cleveland     18  
  *Ranking in the top 25 fattest cities in 2006  

2 Responses to “SIN CITY IS THE FATTEST!!!”

  1. 1 Carol F. February 14, 2007 at 10:27 am

    I live in Gilbert. I got your website from because you referred to Mesa! So, I have lived in Minneapolis and in Mesa and don’t you think that maybe the findings are skewed based on weather? For instance, gyms are extremely common in Minneapolis because the weather is so bad. In Mesa and LV and some of these sunnier places, you can plan on running outside with regularity so lots of very active people need no gym membership. I knew noone in the Twin Cities who would want to be seen in a bikini but I know oodles and skads of women in Arizona who could get away with it. But it is an interesting study.

  2. 2 Ben February 15, 2007 at 8:58 am

    carol F.

    I believe weather may have a factor as well. Number of sunny days in X temperature.

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