Anna Nicole Smith is Dead…

This is not the kind of thing I would normally write about, but none the less here it is.  Anna Nicole Smith is dead, says her Lawyer Howard K. Stern.  The story is reported by FOX News HERE.  In september of last year her 20 year old son died suddenly in the hospital just 3 days after Anna had given birth to her newest son. 

Smith was found unresponsive this afternoon in her hotel room at the Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida just after 2 pm EST.

 There is some controversy around who is the real father.  But now that doesn’t seem to have been figured out.  Some specualte that she is not really dead, rather pulling a stunt to escape all the trials of the paternity tests and law suits.

What a fascination America has with celebrities.  My concern is for the now 4 month old baby girl.  Who will take care of her.  What kind of life will she have?  What kind of life would she have with her mother if she were alive? 

 How far down have we gone as parents in this Nation.  I know it’s a strech to tie in parenting with Anna Nicole Smiths Death, but it causes me to think about our values and what we end up teaching or passing along to our children.

 How does this speak to our generation as parents.   I would challenge you to instill a set of firm and good values in our future generation.  we can change the world by changing ourselves and our responsibility lies with our family.  If everyone were to focus on the family we would be better off.

 Am I saying that Anna Nicole Smith Is a bad parent?  You make the call.  This event just cause me to stop and reflect on the state of our nation and where we are.  We need to assume the responsibility of parenthood when it is placed upon us.


1 Response to “Anna Nicole Smith is Dead…”

  1. 1 Ben February 8, 2007 at 2:30 pm

    UPDATE. FOX Confirms her death. Not just speculation.

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