Shame on CBS… (The Death of Super Commercials!!!)

Yesterday I eagerly anticipated the Superbowl for it action packed game and witty commercials.  Don’t forget about the Super Bowl Proposal see  I knew that I would miss the first half due to a “family dinner”  That’s OK I said.  I can record it and watch it when I get home.  Before I left I got to see the kick off and the amazing 92 yard return for a touch down by the Bears Hester.  I knew it was going to be an exciting game. 

 After dinner I returned home turned on the game and was very disappointed.  Game play was weak.  The only real glimmer of excitement was P. Manning and his arm.  As the game continued the rain came down and so did my spirits.  Grossman lived up to his name and showed no real effort or talent and threw interception after interception.  The game however was not my biggest let down. 

The commercials were the biggest upset of all.  Nothing funny or new at all.  I was disappointed to see no wedding proposal by JP (My super proposal)  All I saw break after break were commercials for CBS’s line up of DEATH DRAMAS.  Criminal Minds, CSI and the like.  It was blood filled commercial after blood filled commercial.  It seems as they saw fit to advertise for their own crime dramas that the world is so infatuated with.   They opted to forego millions in advertising revenue to promote thier terrible TV shows…  Times must be bad.

 I used to watch a few of these shows, but after a while all the plot lines became the same and resorted to more and more shock value.  Blood, sex, and violence.   Any way I digress…

 I saw only 1 or 2 humorous delights of marketing bliss.  Not that I would be persuaded by a talking primate to go buy some beer.  But these are entertaining tidbits that are what typify Superbowl marketing at it’s best…  They are no more…. Or at leats not last night!  Shame on CBS for taking away my fun.

 Is this the death of super commercials?  Where have you gone?  My heart yearns for the multi-million dollar witty commercials with abstract purposes. 

What’s that you say?  …  You’ve moved to YouTube!  I’ll see you there!


2 Responses to “Shame on CBS… (The Death of Super Commercials!!!)”

  1. 2 Ben February 6, 2007 at 3:13 pm


    i did not see that post. However there are similarities. Your post seems to focus shame for Death Dramas whereas my post was meant to show my dissapointment that there were no entertaining commercials 😦 and all the zany goodness has moved to YouTube. My apologies if any one thinks I “stole” your post. 🙂

    see you all at youtube, googlevideo or whatever outlet you have for random entertaining tidbits around 30 secends. Any video thats longer bears the Work IT Nazi scrutiny….

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