Man Made Life

Today at lunch I took the opportunity to go outside.  All day it has been grey and cloudy and rather quite beautiful.  I call it beautiful only because I am a native Phoenician and we don’t get too many days like that.  I was able to drive to work under those skies and then was quickly locked away into my office that has no connection to the outside world.  There are no visible windows on the second floor of our office building unless I walk into the Owners or GM’s office.  I am trapped within an 8′ by 8′ room with a door.  So I gladly took an hour away from my desk to walk along a man made lake near my office.  I wanted to walk and think about what direction my life was taking.  Where I was heading. 

My lunchtime sojurn started on a trail along the “shore” my thoughts elevated upward.  No sooner did I walk 50 steps when I passed a massive theatre being built along the waterfront.  I thought what a beautiful building.  I remarked at how far construction had progressed.  I continued my trek and then soon walked under 2 bridges.  One of the bridges was built in 1931 and the other, a modern interpretation of the old bridge was added in 1990 to accomodate more traffic.  Both remain open to this day.  As I passed under the first bridge I thought about my grandfather who worked on this bridge, spent countless hours completing it only to fall from the top during it’s construction.  He later started his own company and became quite successful. 

 I continued on the path and noted the other large buildings under construction.  Some were office buildings some residential condos and lofts etc.  Some were completed some were not.  I remember looking at them and thinking how surreal they seemed.  Less than 10 years ago nothing was there except dirt and run down storage yards.  The dry river bed sat there in case of flash floods during the monsoon season when the river would swell up and cause damge to anything in its path.  Now it has turned into an urban retreat for all of us “hole” dwellers.  I watched as large cranes overhead lifted building material to countless workers whom were shifting around the half completed building with caution and urgency.  I though about the architect who spent years of studying and probably more than a few sleepless nights to come to this point.  I thought about his grand vision and the financial backers who commisioned the buildings. 

 I continued, thinking “Everything around me is man made.”  But is our life really man made?  Are there certain landmarks we hit and think, “This is it, this is Living.”  What exactly is it that makes your life?


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